Jasmine Jamillah Mahmoud

performance geographer

Curatorial and Other Projects


After the Quiet: On Black Figures and Folds

Northwest Black

Abstractions of Black Citizenship: African American Art from Saint Louis

Performing Black Futures

Black Arts, Black Lives

Spectacular Labor

Vital Memories

In Bodies We Trust


Performer in A City So Real, a stage adaptation of Never A City So Real by Alex Kotlowitz. Directed by D. Soyini Madison and Chloe Johnston, A City So Real was staged June 8-9, 2013 at the Block Museum at Northwestern University.
Letter To Obama
Co-producer of LetterToObama: Live from Chicago, an event directed by M. Liz Andrews, founder of LetterToObama. On November 4, 2012, four years after Barack Obama was elected and two days before election day 2012, LetterToObama brought together artists to perform “Letters” to the 44th President. Live From Chicago was presented at Experiment Station on the south side of Chicago, blocks from the Obama home, and featured poetry, dance, performance art, video and music.

Artist of PATCHWORK, A QUILT + LETTER TO YOU (2010), exhibited on LetterToObama, the site by M. Liz Andrews.

Lead musician in Jasmine Jamillah, the soul/folk group that performed in New York City and released three albums.